Manuel Albarran

Category: Fashion
Manuel Albarran is a unique artist; an expert in metal couture, corsetery, leather and other disciplines. He has been involved in Fashion, Advertising and Movies for a few decades, collaborating with names like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Givenchy, Lady Gaga, Lavazza, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and many more. The main objective of the website was to function as a quick gallery to showcase Manuel's work. It had to be very easy to flip through the images. Looking at statistics from his previous website, I realised an important percentage of its visitors where browsing from touch-screen devices, so I decided to create the gallery in the form of a finger-sensitive horizontal scroll. This way, people on tactile devices can scroll through the pictures with a simple sidewards gesture. Manuel Albarran's audience is not only browsing from touch-screen devices, but also from smartphones in many cases, so the solution had to be definitely responsive.
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