Derek Clark
South Africa
So this is a very personal project to me, I worked on it with a close friend designing it (part time) for almost 2 years. He owns it, I just did UX/UI. Long story short when we were about 80% done with design my laptop got stolen with no online back up and we had to start from scratch. I now use @dropbox religiously. The site is now 100% live: and its is essentially an online outdoor store, think outdoor Amazon for Southern Africa. It\\\'s pretty badass, some sick products, good rates, the delivery and service is next level. To aid the launch too we have decided to give a 10% discount on everything by using the promo code \\\"howzit\\\" in the cart. Any help at all spreading the word would be GREATLY appreciated, and I\\\'ll buy anyone a beer who hypes it when I see them. I owe you! You can follow them on twitter here: @Mammoth_za
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